Vitamin Club - Our story

What happens when a tech wizard, statistician and operations expert start complaining about how painful vitamins are to manage?

First there's the overwhelming number of vitamins and supplements – how am I supposed to know what I need to take… …you can’t even get started without engaging a dietitian.

Joe Someone

Professional dad

Never mind that, even if you have figured out what you do need to take, you’ve got to buy like 10 bottles to get the right combination of vitamins and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be in the correct doses.

Mary Everybody

Self-diagnosed Workaholic

And those bottles are the worst - they’re impossible to open and you always end up with 10 tablets in your hands!

Nelson, the neighbour

Pre-school teacher

Never mind the cost - by the time you’re done, you’ve broken the bank.


Grocery store clerk

Why can’t this just be simple??? I can’t believe something like this doesn't exist!


A family friend

So, inspired by the idea that being healthy should be as easy as brushing your teeth, we built Vitamin Club!

We partnered with dietitians and explored more than 480 unique vitamin requirements to ensure that your age, gender, diet, weight and fitness are accounted for.

We combined our skills to ensure that the statistical match between the vitamin formulation and your unique profile was a close as possible. Then we embedded the logic into an easy to use web application and subscription platform. And finally, created both functional and attractive packaging and implemented a national logistics model to ensure that we can deliver wherever you are.

Vitamin Club - Personalised health subscriptions delivered to your door!